Ten laps to one sprint

Living in the north of Israel in the middle of the war, almost three weeks later, it”s getting old.

I am so proud of myself for using the time to write of my experiences to share with you, as I am convinced that if just one person will be inspired to feel at ease in the middle of their own private war, then all my efforts will have been worth it.

Yesterday I was up until 5 this morning – 19 hours slot machines straight in front of the computer, to get the book finished by the deadline I had set.

Today I am burnt out and resting. Once I finish writing the post, I will turn off the computer.

I feel like I am in a long hurdle in the Olympics of life. Ten slow laps for every one fast sprint. Thank God I am listening enough to my body to stop and slow down.

I wish you all a wonderful day. Maybe we can take a break together…. relax a little.

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