The Continuing Saga of Miriam’s Drum

Wow. What an amazing weekend. The trip to Miriam’s well was amazing. We added in Mary Magdalene’s well too since it was such a special day.

What I got was that the drum needs to stay in Israel! Miriam is not ready to go. She needs more grounding.

There was AMAZING STUFF that happened at the well. I understood that the drum needs to be present at the beginning of the two courses I am about to start here in Israel. The feminine voice of Israel must contribute to it’s energy as well, such that you may well be the recipient of the drum after all :-)… This drum is not another item to add to a collection. This drum has special energy. It is not so special in terms of the physicality of it – it’s a standard Syrian hand made drum. Its what this drum has been through, the energy it has imbibed and that it emits, that makes it so powerful. Sometimes, the simplest, smallest things end up having the biggest impact.

Here’s what she looks like today, after her happy trip to the wells.

What might she be feeling in her heart? What do you say?

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