The Courage to Be Free

The “Song of the Sea” shows us that the courage to be free requires the courage to be different.

The Israelites stood at the seashore. It was not until Nachshon—whose name shares the Hebrew root representing the word for initiation and snake (perhaps referring to kundalini energy?)—took the first step into the sea, that the alchemical magic of molecular shift could occur. He took a second step, and then a third step, and a fourth! He was up to his neck in water and about to drown when the seas actually parted. It was his faith, and willingness to go to his death, that allowed the miracle to occur.

The courage to be free and making change is not comfortable. It requires a certain willingness to die,

at least to die to our old familiar ways. I have discovered in my life that meeting the fear of death is exactly the thing which allows me to live life on my own terms.

Conscious use of sound and music can provide you with the courage to be free in your behaviour, especially when you take time out to calm the nerves which inevitably come to the surface as we take new steps towards change.

Stephen Halpern , pioneer of New Age Relaxation music is a master of using synchronized sounds of keyboards juxtaposed with nature sounds – such as water and the ocean, to induce a calming affect. His work has lead an entire generation to begin using sound in a more conscious way. We owe alot to this wonderful musical leader.

On a recent trip to California, I was so calmed by the soothing rhythm of the ocean waves, that I flipped out my iphone and pushed record button, while I enjoyed a simple symphony of profound depth. Listen for yourself and allow it to set you stress free.

What one step could you take today for empowering your courage to be free?

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