The Power of Doing Nothing – Quiet in the Eye of the Storm

KoalaLess is more…slow is the fastest route to any solution…I have found that the things in life of true value, the ones which last and bring true happiness, usually come about slowly. When going through a major transformation, a transition, or, experiencing sudden change with all its uncertainty, it seems to be even more so.

It’s not particularly comfortable. In fact, it can be downright painful, the kind that makes you want to throw up at times. Old familiar patterns get triggered to help release old habits that no longer serve your highest good.

The roller coaster ride I’ve been living recently makes me want to bolt at times…run for safety. Where will I run to? I know there’s nowhere to hide :-)!

Painful contractions open the way for new realities to be birthed.

I’ve discovered that a big secret to confident living is to find quiet in the eye of the storm. I’ve had great practice over the last twenty years living in the Middle East. When bombs exploded around my Galilee home during the 2006 war, I got the chance of a lifetime to put these tools to practical test.

I  discovered powerful ways to consciously use sound that transformed my inner anxiety into a deep calm which kept me anchored, no matter what happened around me. Quiet in the Eye of the Storm was written to share my practical experience implementing them so others could benefit from their use too.

From the Promised Land to the Old Country

25 years ago I left LA for the unknown abroad. I figured if I made changes before I “have to”, years later I’d be able to return to my former world with lots to contribute to those facing major change and uncertainty. In June, I came to LA to celebrate my mom’s birthday. My step father died that morning. We had a funeral instead.  I’ve been living with her during this challenging time. She worries…asks me where I’m going… like I’m a child again. Yet my inner voice guides me to stay…I don’t want to be anywhere else. This beautiful and powerful opportunity to come full circle won’t return again.

Trust the process: do less, listen more...follow through on inner directives with pointed action. No small feat, paying the monthly mortgage on my empty, fully furnished home while searching for renters and negotiating the contract in Hebrew, halfway across the world!

Trust pays! The ideal renter appeared. Then, on closing morning she canceled the deal. Why? I felt crushed. My faith waned. I prayed for help: What now?

I received an answer.

Don’t keep your light under a bushel. Re-release the book and offer services that will help others to find quiet in the eye of their storm. Share your experience and strength with others.”

I’m responding by re-launching my e-book: Quiet in the Eye of the Storm and offering a limited Advanced Personalized Breakthrough Package – exclusively for my dear readers.

                                                                                                The package includes:

1) Quiet inQES 3D the Eye of the Storm e-book
2) Two Private Focused – 40 minute breakthrough sessions (phone or skype) including personally designed exercises for you to successfully move to your next level.
3) Sacred Feminine – Healing Music Application: for use with personalized homework assignments. This music is specially designed to provide a container for what is off balance. The special ancient rhythm has power to balance polarities.

I look forward to supporting you in your breakthrough and movement forward. It will be both an honor and a pleasure :-)….

All the best,


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