The Power of Song

The Healing Power of SongAre you the kind of person who sings out loud or in the shower or even in the closet?

Or are you one of those people who doesn’t see the value of singing for no reason at all, deeming song to be only for those with an ear for it, or those with special talent? Perhaps the thought of singing brings up performance anxiety? The power of song is potent, regardless of our relationship to it. Song, throughout the ages has been used to access a deeper sense of consciousness.

Song is a prayer which we sing in search of redemption. It is a means to reach beyond the conflicts of life and connect to a deeper source of inspiration. In the Hebrew Scriptures, song is used as a synonym for prayer. We won’t sing when we feel overwhelmed, frightened, exhausted or depressed. We don’t sing when we are complacent. We sing when we are striving for something, or when we have experienced joy and want to share our goodness with the heavens.

Establish Your Voice Exercise

Say to yourself silently: “I am wonderful.” Notice how you feel inside. Now say to yourself: “I am awful.” Notice what happens inside of your body. Notice the physical sensations which take place. Notice how your muscles contract, become tense, or release. This is the power of your voice at work, even if you do not see it or hear it.

The point is: part of discovering your own well of wisdom comes from recognizing the intent with which you speak to yourself and others. We have forgotten our natural voices in favor of our habituated ones. As you start to pay attention to the intention behind your words, you will open up a vast well of courage from which to express yourself.

It takes courage speak up. It brings up our fear of being ostracized. It seems easier to go with the consensus. We all have memories of buried wounds—emotional, spiritual and psychological silt—that muddies our vision, especially when we are going through a profound change or a transformation is in the process of being birthed.

When your fear or resistance comes up while doing this exercise, watch what happens when you add this simple little trick: when you hear the voice of fear or criticism, intentionally say to yourself, “I trust you to. . .” or  “I trust you for . . .” then add whatever ending is appropriate your situation. When I do this, I find my nerves immediately calm down and my self-confidence rises.

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