The storm is the key to calming your inner and outer worlds

Last week in the first session of my ancient healing and transformational music course, I asked the students to wave a  proverbial magic wand, and share what would they most want to be able to say at the end of the eight sessions, such that they could say to themselves… it was worth participating in the course.

One woman shared that if she could just bridge the gap between the peace she feels when she sits alone and meditates to the heavy drive with which she operates in the world, she would be in heaven. She said that the schism causes her much frustration. She feels that she leaves her authenticity behind as soon as she leaves the privacy of her inner world, opening the door to the everyday workaday world.

Actually, I have found that meeting that schism straight on is the secret to bridging the gap between the experience we feel inside of peace, and the comfort we can feel inside while we operate in the outside world.

The storm is actually the key… 

When we stay connected to the storm we feel inside of ourselves, we stay connected to our authenticity.

The problem arises when we disconnect from our discomfort. When we are unwilling to meet discomfort, we run to cover it over with some band-aid solution… be it food, drink, busy-ness, isolation, television, internet… you can name your favorite here…

Rocky, bumpy roads are part of the path to discovering our inner power.

Discomfort can actually be a friend. When we meet discomfort of lifes bumps and bruises with kindness and gentleness, it ceases to bother us. The pain alchemically transforms into inner power. Fear dissolves and we are left with a deep sense of lasting peace which cannot be taken away.

Here’s some music to smooth the rocky parts:

Two weeks ago Byron Katie came to Israel to lead a workshop in forgiveness. What a blessing it was to be able to practice self inquiry with so many open hearts. It was definately open heart surgery :-)…

What is your experience?

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