The Temple is Entering It’s Final Phase

This is a photo of the mosaic that will adorn the entryway to my home and the permanent center of Voices of Eden. I am making good on my promise to revive the music of Miriam from the Ancient temple, which by the way, you can read an excellent review of at:

Once the center is complete, I will have an open house so that people can come and hear the music. Here is a whole slew of updated photos from the sacred construction process. There are some photos of my son and me there too, as well as a Druze feast, and a visit to Magdalenes well with colleague Rosalyn Clare during her visit from England.

Ok, so now I have moved out of my home in the Galilee hills and am living temporarily as The Official Wandering Jew. But, as you might be able to see from these photos, the sacred temple is on it’s way to being completed, and with a bit of luck, I will move in before mid-October.

I am just learning to take one day at a time, and to allow the process to take it’s time. There is a natural rhythm, and the building, which is sacred, must be allowed to dance it’s own dance. I am moving to it’s music and learning in the process to stop trying to push the river. It’s exhausting enough building a building, trying to control nature is… well, let’s just say, over the top.

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