Therapy Times and Healing Music

I am honored to have been chosen to write a healing music column for
The Therapy Times`

This will be a great opportunity to share all kinds of practical tools as well as to answer questions regarding

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conscious use of voice, rhythm and music as a natural healer.

During this war, there is ample opportunity to practice what I teach. You know, the teacher has much to learn from the students. I have become an avid student of peace amidst this war, seeing how I can find new applications for ancient use of music and percussion.

This photo is of cymbals recently unearthed during an archaeological dig in Megiddo, lower Galilee. It is said that Megiddo is the location of the end of the world. Is this so? Could be. I would say that the end of this world is the beginning of something new and very different than what we have known up until now.

It includes the rebirth and rememberance of the way of the ancients, bringing back what worked well and was in tune with nature.

In the two day special event that I will lead in New York, we will explore the ancient use of percussion as a means to herald in health and renewal, exactly at the point and in the places where it is needed most – in our cut off, wounded psyches.

Healing our own inner war wounds is the biggest contribution we can make to society.
Our personal example allows for others to be inspired. One by one, we chime the individual notes of the harmonic choir of humanity with the Divine as conductor.

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