Things About Israel NOT Shown on TV

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Here is some stuff you don’t usually hear about from traditional media, happening in Israel:

The above meeting in Galilee at the Voices of Eden peace center had the following people singing: A Sudanese refugee who is living in my Galilee village. He escaped the holocaust now occuring in the Sudan, escaping to Egypt. In Egypt he still was not safe. Through paying a bribe to a local Bedouin who brought him through the Sinai Desert close to the Israeli border, he took his life into his hands and walked across in the middle of the night. Immediately, he turned himself into the police. There are some five hundred other Sudanese students who have fled in this way. Israel has given them political asylum in the north of the country. My neighbor was one of the people to sponsor his papers.

A Palestinian peace worker from Ramallah who lives not by “official or political laws”, but by the higher Divine laws. He walks across the border too. An Israeli friend waits and brings him north so that he can participate in our monthly open house. Joining them this month, is a Bedouin chief from the north.

Leading us in song is Ola, a Druze student of mine. The beautiful artwork is painted by another student of mine who hails from Portugal. There were four kibbutz members – aged 20 to 65, city dwellers who came north for an evening a village calm, a Lebanese friend – who moved to Israel during the Lebanese civil war when Israel gave refuge to Christians from Southern Lebanon. Samia, an English teacher, grew up in Beirut. There were an assortment of others who joined us for a wonderful evening.

Unfortunately, these pictures don’t get the attention of the press…that is unless you would let them know about it, OR, you would come and join us so that you can experience this peace YOURSELF.

If you truly consider yourself a peaceful person, then seriously consider coming here. Oh, I know, the fear about the Middle East stops you. That is only normal… look at what you are reading and seeing in the media. But if you are truly going to move BEYOND, and KNOW the GOOD, then you need to come here to EXPERIENCE something DIFFERENT. Because it is not shown, you don’t see it, so you don’t know it exists.

But it does! The above video is just one example. This video (kinda corny and wavy), but you get a little idea of the various kinds of people here.

Our voice matters too!
Please join us. Consider coming here. I invite you to my house. Or you can join a sacred peace tour.

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