Third Saturday in the War Zone

Following is an email I received just now from a wonderful woman in New York who directs a beautiful healing center:

Hi Eliana,
Hope you’re well.
I can only “imagine” what it must be like to live in a war zone. I’m sure it must be terrifying to live moment to moment in survival mode, forcing you to think your way through life rather than having the luxury of feeling.
Keep singing, & loving your way forward and let the doors open with new opportunities for peace.

Feel free to quote any of my messages if you think they’re worth repeating….. Still sending prayers of Peace & Love, Jodi

This is the reply I sent:

Hi Jodi,
Thanks for your email.
Frankly, I am not terrified at all.
I am feeling more than I ever have.
NOT FEELING and THINKING, I am learning,
is what ends up causing war. When we disconnect
from our humanity, it is easy to objectify (whomever and whatever)
and “get rid” of the “enemy out there” – never mind what side.

Truth being though, the enemy is inside. That is where I am busy
making peace with myself – learning much compassion for my
ugliest parts. It’s a real gift.


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