Discover Your Inner Wisdom with Live Music of Ancient Israel


Magical private tours and personally composed music at the ancient healing sites of Israel. Experience the sound and rhythms, and flavors that will transport you to your own promised land.


I brought my grandson to Israel so that he could experience the magic of this place. It was our chance to connect before he goes off to college and leads an independent life of his own.  I wanted to show him places off the beaten track and meet "real life".   I admit I was a nervous wreck before we left. Will we get along?Will my grandson like what we've planned? Will he be bored?

Our two days with Eliana in the north of Israel were the highlight of our two week tour. She was SO sensitive to my grandson's need. Usually a shy introvert - he came alive as she wove visits to the ancient sites, with meeting with the locals of all creeds, religions and colors, to the local market, to the fabulous fresh cuisine we ate, to the piece de la resistance... our visit to the ancient site with the music that Eliana composed just for us.

Imagine the voice of an angel, the prophetess Miriam, and the most soothing sound you could ever imagine reverberating off the historical walls, that transport you to another world. We will never forget it, and are already planning our next journey together.

Shari Edery, Baltimore

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