True Independence is a State of Mind

Today, in the United States, it is Independence Day. Having been born and raised in the US, the date rings a bell, resonating with a certain chime.

I live in the Middle East. Although the fourth of July is just an average day, I take the time to celebrate the essence of true independence.

Underneath the icon of a country’s day of Independence, what is the essence of it’s meaning? As I see it, the freedom of an individual to determine his/her own course in life. It is our birthright as human beings to use our free will.

How often though, do we really use it freely? Conditioning, bad habits, fear, lack of inner confidence and worry undermine our true worth.

Today, I remind myself that I am free to choose, and as well am RESPONSIBLE FOR, my decisions.

The quality of my life and my experience is measured, not by the events which occur, but by the way in which I choose to respond to them.

Wishing every one of us the freedom to actively choose that which will bring our highest good.

Happy Independence!

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