Wisdom is wise.

It begins with Worth.

The ancients revered wisdom. In those days we
lived according to a feminine worldview where
reality existed on multiple levels at the same
time. That’s different from today’s world, where
if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Feminine power knows its own worth.
Take Moses’ sister, the prophetess Miriam,
who prophesized his birth. Her father followed
her direction. She knew her worth. Didn’t need
public ratings.

How much do you accept your own worth? I mean
the inner kind, NOT the outer dressings of
money and status?  If you vacillate
between what to do next, which way to turn,
questioning whether your decisions are right?

The Hebrews wouldn’t make a move
without Miriam. Miriam’s music provided direction
and clarity for the Hebrews in the desert.
It lead the way. While Miriam led silently,
she roared in her power. She knew her
worth. Didn’t need ratings.

Moses is the famous one history remembers.
It’s because of the worth of Miriam.

Anita Diamant wrote about this ancient feminine
wisdom in The Red Tent.

We first connected through her blog when she
posted a photo of her desktop altar and asked others
to share theirs. She loved my Prophetess Miriam statuette,
with bell and ancient pottery shards collected at sites
where I’ve composed personalized music for clients and
lead ancient wisdom tours.

The ancient Hebrew language has the power to transform
negative energy into positive and to heal many ailments.
Their spiritual sounds bypass the intellect, connecting
you to the source of your power and worth.

A client from Wisconsin told me that the Hebrew
meditation she did from the stress release course
not only helped her get through chemotherapy alive,
she’s now using it to help her clients deal with
their chronic stress and to help kids with ADHD.

Here’s a major tip.

Wherever you feeling %*&^% or like you’re living a lie,
that’s exactly your biggest opportunity to connect to your
true power and sense of self-worth. Don’t run from the
friction, it can really be your best friend.

I cover this and a ton more in my “Recentering” report
with healing music application, that I created for my
“inner-circle” members.

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