United Nations & Healing Music with Israeli Jews & Arabs

Last week, Konstantin Pavlides and I presented the first round of the third research conducted upon Voices of Eden music, which began on April 4th in Galilee.

As part of the healing music program to address post trauma in Galilee in both the Jewish and Arab sectors, I looked for partners who could provide me with an opportunity to reach both populations in a joint venue.

I met with Tali Omer and Dalia Budinger of the Galilee Development office to see how we could maximize the use of the grant I was given to provide free music for the public health, by joint venture and cooperation for the highest good. In the aftermath of last summer’s war in Northern Israel, both the Jewish and Arab populations were hit badly. My intent is to use the destruction as

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a spring board to create a phoenix of healing.

Dalia introduced me to Susan Niren’s director of Knafayim, a non-profit group which takes physically handicapped and blind youth ages 18-21 from their homes to live together communally so that they can learn skills to live independent, productive lives and make a positive contribution to society. The group is comprised of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Ethiopian and Russian girls and boys.

Two days after I met with Susan to suggest the possibility of conducting a live research testing of volunteers from her group, she called to say that the date was set.

Konstantin Pavlides, the researcher who is based in London, decided to volunteer his services and fly to Israel to test this group before and after listening to Voices of Eden live music which I would be provided by me and my students, giving them a chance to expand their own healing music skills. We would then present these results during our presentation at the UNITED NATIONS on April 27. Joining us in the program was Amrita Cottrell, director of the Healing Music Organization who told her amazing story of healing herself of cancer through conscious use of voice. She also played the beautiful crystal bowls.

The research conducted was upon the effect of the conscious use of voice upon mind, body and spirit of the listener. The technology was developed by Dr. Konstantin Karatkov, with whom Konstantin Pavlides studied.

Here are pictures of Yossi’s energy field, measured before listening to the music (notice the holes on the right side) and after (notice how the entire field has been strengthened):

I will post more later with a more detailed description of the process.

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