I'm so happy that we got to spend this special event together.  These are auspicious times we are living in and we are going to move through them, heal and expand together.

Below are the recordings of the live event - divided into two parts:

Live Event Recordings

Miriam's Self Care Seder - Part Two from Eliana Gilad on Vimeo.

Program Materials



  1. This is the Self-Care Seder Guide: Download Here
  2. Miriam's Secret - Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership pdf. Download Here.

We'll be using all the above in the event, so you'll want to have them ready.


Your Program Bonuses


  1. Passover in Galilee - Feminine Power Article:  I wrote this blog post thirteen years ago in Galilee, just before Passover. It is as appropriate now as ever before, particularly as we prepare to leave for the women's wisdom retreat to Israel in May.  Wanna join us? Though registration is closed, we can accept one or two more women.
  2. Samaritan Ancient Traditional Passover Sacrifice: Several years ago I went to Mt. Gerizim to experience the traditional passover sacrifice - not changed in over 300o years!  It was quite a circus of humanity there.  We made a video. You'll find it VERY interesting!

Added Bonus

Do you know that the #1 danger of women in lockdown is not contacting corona-virus, but the stress and anxiety in isolation facing the scary truth that you’re powerless to do anything about it.


For women leaders and powerful healers that’s a hard thing to live with. My clients have been sharing how vulnerable and lonely they feel,- secretly worried that everything may fall apart before they get the chance to make their true contribution to the world. 

In ancient times of uncertain change,, leaders would retreat to temples and avail themselves of  applications of voice and rhythm that would lower stress, increase focus and provide clarity as to what to do next. Female Healing musicians. were wealthy land owners and leaders of society. 

I lived for  25 years in ancient Israel, in service to the resurgence of this ancient technology for modern problem solving during our  uncertain times of change. . 

And, I’m thrilled today to share MORE with you - in light of Corona -  a NEW FREE VIDEO Training - 3 Ways to Fortify Your Immune System with Healing Sound... You can grab it  for free in my Feminine Leadership Healing Music  Circle where I also give weekly trainings on:

  1. How to  use healing sound to remain relaxed, focused and effective in the midst of change.
  2. Plus loads of scientific evidence to help you harnass the healing power of your own voice into your healing practice.  

If you’re intent on coming out of this Corona calamity, clearer,  more connected, ready to make your mark,, click the button below to the FEMININE LEADERSHIP HEALING MUSIC CIRCLE where you’ll grab  your FREE VIDEO TRAINING  to FORTIFY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM NOW WITH HEALING SOUND. I’ll see you on the other side!