"Voice Your Feminine Power" Discovery Session

About Your Free Discovery Session: During this consultation (a $497 value), we will look at your situation, your goals, and walk you through:

  • 1

    Creating a sense of clarity around the purpose filled life you really want to live in joyful feminine flow.

  • 2

    Finding out the essential building blocks for connecting to and expressing that power!

  • 3

    Discovering the #`1 thing that's keeping you from owning and voicing your feminine power.

  • 4

    Identifying the most powerful actions that allow you to do less, and receive more.

  • 5

    Completing the session with excitement, knowing exactly what to do next to voice your feminine power.

Are you truly ready to embrace your feminine power and take the next step towards leading from it with confidence in the world? Are you committed to get clear on what's next for you?

If you want to voice your feminine power, this consultation is for you. If you're serious about having clarity and want to take action in the next two months or sooner,  we invite you to request a Free 50-minute "Voice Your Feminine Power" Discovery Session. Just click on the button below.

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I appreciate the fact that you are serious about taking action to discover and connect to the source of your feminine power and are ready to do so in the next 2 months or sooner.

I’m offering this session free to a limited number of people during this month, so please reach out immediately to reserve your space if this speaks to you, or SHARE with someone who would benefit.

I look forward to hearing from you, Eliana

Eliana Gilad, Founder - Voices of Eden -  For the last 40 years, Eliana has courageously led through her voice and music with a deep commitment to expressing the ancient wisdom of the feminine leadership as it comes through her own lineage.  She helps women to connect to their inner truth, have the courage to express it and confidently lead from their feminine power, even when it may be messy, scary and politically incorrect. Two time TEDx presenter, author of Miriam's Secret - Revealing the Ancient WIsdom of Feminine Leadership, and founder of VoicesOfEden.com, Eliana is committed to helping women lead in a feminine way, informed by deep connection to a variety of ancient wisdom teachings she's gleaned in her travels and study around the world. Visit voicesofeden.com for a full bio.

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