Voices of Change – By The Well

As I type these words, hundreds and thousands of people in Israel prepare to turn off their television sets this evening, taking their power back, by going out into the streets, in social protest. The protest is to lower the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”, and to lower extremely high costs of living relative to the average salary.

Change is in the air.
It is powerful. It is awesome.

Students have set up tent cities in every town, including my own. You may be wondering, isn’t it scary? The sense is not of negativity, rather, that of an invisible oceanic power, stirring beneath the ground upon which the tents are pitched.

I recognize this as the power of the divine mother. This is the power of divine providence. A mass awakening is occurring. A collective voice of authenticity is resuscitating the collective baby we threw out with the bathwater…

The roots of the ancient Israel are being watered with social responsibility taken by each and every citizen, one by one. It is quite amazing.

Where am I in all of this?

I am on my way to the Sinai desert, scorching hot in the middle of the August heat. And yet, it is the place I most want to be. I’m returning to the spot where, four years ago, I had a vision of a band of prophetesses high up on the mountains, carrying water, which excited me to my very core. “Oh, this is where we once were”, a deep sense of remembrance shook me to my very roots. This vision let me know it was time to write Miriam’s Secret. When I left, I knew that I would one day return.

Now it’s time to complete Miriam’s Secret.

I look forward to disconnecting from the internet for a week in order to replenish my own well and to reconnect with the well of wisdom lying within my soul, waiting to be freed. It moves me just to think about it.

When I return, we will meet with bells on (literally and figuratively) in Jerusalem, on August 18th for the Ancient Healing and Transformational Music Workshop. How exciting to sound our collective voices in harmony as we each rediscover and reconnect to our inner voice of wisdom.

For those of you who cannot physically join us in Jerusalem, you may join us:
By the Well on Sunday, August 21st at 1PM EST, 6PM GMT, 20:00 Israel time.

You can dial in free through skype or telephone in, whichever is more comfortable for you. The intent of this call is for us to reconnect and empower one another through our collective wisdom. I will be recording music live in the Sinai desert – composing a special music meditation which will be broadcast during this call. Please invite your friends, through facebook, twitter, telephone, email, word of mouth…

Imagine yourself free.
Imagine yourself in harmony.

Please join me.

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