Voices of Transformation and Healing – Hear it Here

Shira Yaari, Israel Dvir and Leeanne Shalev, three graduates of the Voices of Eden ancient healing and transformational music program have been involved in a post trauma healing music program with Project Wings – Knafayim in Western Galilee to serve a very special group of physically disabled multi-faith group of young adults who healing from post trauma and with it, learning to use their own voices as instruments of healing and transformation.

The home of this project is in Bustan HaGalil which is nestled on the mediterranean coastline, very close to an archeological site where ancient percussion instruments were found from the Bronze age.

As part of our healing music project, Shira spent time with the students making percussion instruments fashioned after the ancient ones. We will use them to evolve a healing music program, which God willing, will be presented at the Hecht Museum in the University of Haifa, where the ancient percussion instruments lie on display.

If you think your limitation, whatever you believe that to be, cannot be overcome, Tamir, born blind in Ethiopia who now lives with the other students in the North of Israel and Shira Yaari will prove to you that NOTHING is impossible.

Here they use the five elements of Voices of Eden ancient healing and transformational music to release stress, focus attention and provide you with inspiration and upliftment.

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