War or Peace? You Choose

Where have all the flowers gone?

How will we know how to live in peace if we do not know what it looks or feels like? None of us grew up with models of living in peace.

War and peace are flips sides of the same coin. They exist at the same time. I am committed to live an example of peace, by making it, even in war. I am not out to save the world. I am here to learn peace by living my life as responsibly as possible, no matter what is going on around me.

I have opened my home to my neighbors, whom two weeks ago, I did not know (not even one of them). We have decided to come together so that our children will learn something new.

Yesterday, instead of sitting in front of the television set, imbibing hatred and fear, we brought out whatever food was in the pantry and met at the corner park for a picnic.

No, it’s not revolutionary. Strangers sitting in a park, sharing a meal. Not particularly dramatic.

Really? Which drama are you supporting with your focus???????

Look at these photos here.

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