War, Peace and Figs in the Garden of Eden

The shelling from yesterday and today has left my nerves shattered and brittle.

My body cannot easily tell the difference between a door banging shut from a sudden gust of wind, and the boom of a crashing katyusha missile. The wail of the siren is like nails on a chalkboard to my stomach.

Even so, I am convinced that the darkest hour comes just before the dawn. It’s a law of nature. Today, in our deserted village, I roamed the country roads, and picked ripe figs off of the trees. This year because most people have fled to the south for safety, the fruit laden trees hold half pecked figs, eaten by the birds.

The plump ripe figs that I suceeded to pick seemed to cry out to me – “Thank you”.
Mother nature whispered in my ear, “I give you all you need to live an abundant and delicious life. If only you humans would stop long enough to remember who it is that provides your every need. If you insist on destroying yourselves and one another, that is your choice of free will. I will silently wait until you are ready to see me and taste the fruit of another way”.

Today I remembered the wise advice an acquaintance had given me when I had been laid off of my job in Los Angeles some twenty years ago. She said; “With the time you have left there, love it with all your heart. Be there with all your heart, so that when you leave, you will never have to go back to that situation again.”

Thank God I put her advice into practice, for I have never had to go back to “the rat race” again. I realized this morning that I can put this same advice to practice in the war. YES.

I choose to love where I am WHOLE HEARTEDLY. I didn’t say “like it”, I said “love it”… as in accept, as in learning more compassion, faith and patience so that I can enjoy the morning dawn that will surely follow this dark night of man made hell.

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