Weathering the Weather

This morning I awoke feeling so much better.
Allowing myself to feel the deep pain yesterday washed me clean.

Matthias and I left at 8:00 am to go to my yoga class in the village.
Only on the way up the hill Bea called to say the course is cancelled.
No one is coming… she said.

I decided to take Matthias to Carmiel – to the bus station… hoping there would be buses. Yesterday, there was no transporation and the roads were closed.

Last night, we had no water for about an hour. I wasn’t sure what to expect this morning.

The road was silent and the stormy clouds reflected the dark mood. It was such bizarre weather for the middle of the summer.

I dropped Matthias at the bus station, fortunately there were limited buses running.
I continued to the supermarket, to the bank and to the gas station.

On the way from the supermarket, I picked up a hitchhiker from Sakhnin, on his way to the shopping center. Sakhnin is the Arab town, whose soccer team won the World Cup for Israel this last year.

I let the hitchiker out, and he thanked me graciously.

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It felt good to have something to give in this gloomy atmosphere.

With my trunk filled with food and water, I made my way back up the hill to Amirim, the village where I live. We are fortunate to be blocked by a large mountain “Mitzpeh HaYamim”. The missiles (katyushas) would either hit before the mountain or after it.

Today I have been inside – mostly on the internet. My cat is sleeping on my lap, paws locked on top of my fingers as they type this entry.

I feel glad for the sunshine. Glad for the hour. Glad for the moment to be alive. People have been calling and emailing yesterday and today. It feels so good to know that others are thinking of me. It makes me want to give even more.

I really hope that people are reading these entries… I have NO idea.

IT would be great to hear from you.

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