Session Four – Journey Towards Your Promised Land

1) Session Four – Live Recorded Session – Here

2) Ancient Healing and Transformational Music Video: Journey Towards Your Promised Land

Below are a few photos from the sacred site of Bet Shearim, in an ancient mausoleum where the music was composed and recorded. You will notice many nooks and crannies in this cave.  How can you connect with the various nooks and crannies of your own consciousness?

What I find amazing about this place, is that each time I visit, I discover something new. The space is not all that large,  perhaps 50 Square meters / approx. 550 square feet, yet there are so many aspects to this place which are not first obvious to the naked eye.

The ram image which you will see in the video is an ancient symbol – alternatively representing water and fertility in Sumerian and ancient Egyptian culture, and of destruction and transformation within the Ancient Hebrew culture. It is amazing to discover this image in the catacombs – signifying a harmonious mix of traditions.

What symbols have been important to you?  How have they represented different facets of your life? How have they supported your transformation over the years?  Contemplating images and symbols which reoccur in your life can provide you with deeper meaning and wisdom which can help you take a confident next step in the direction of your current dreams.

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3) Healing and Transformational Music:

How can you harmoniously mix your own blend of old and new traditions?

What causes you to transform your fear into self trust the most?

Please contemplate these questions as you listen to the sonic music applications below:

1) Living in the Light: This is a composition which includes a relaxed rhythm at the tempo of a calm heart beat. The piece was recorded live, literally in harmony – with a blend of Jewish, Christian and Muslim female and male musicians. It is a living example of peace in the middle east. Listen to the words. What does it evoke in you?


2) Going Beyond – Bet Shearim:

This music was recorded in the cave above, using the instruments that are pictured above. The focus of this piece is Moving Ahead and Going Beyond where you have been. As you map your next steps forward, listen to this music to help guide you towards your inner wisdom.

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