Celebrating Your Own Voice – Materials

Here is the recording for Session Three:

Session Three Live Session Recording

1) Ancient Healing & Transformational Music Video – Open to Flow: Right Livelihood

Watch this video before answering the questions in the Self Guided Coaching Session

Watch the video here.


2) Self Guided Coaching Session: This weeks session is designed to help you celebrate the expression of your authentic voice

 Click here for the session.


3) Music for Mutuality and Self Acceptance – Dum and Tak Music Pieces:

A) Bolero Samai: In a 10/8 Rhythm. This gives space to open to prosperity by allowing for long cycles of rhythm and steady open  space to allow for a range of emotion to be expressed. In Arab culture, it is believed that the rhythm of Samai allows for catharsis. It is believed that catharsis allows for true happiness and abundance.

Download Here

B) Dum Tak Mix:  This is the piece from the introduction and first week of the course. I said that we would be using this piece of music alot. This simple chant is not to be underestimated. After more than ten years of working with it, I have STILL not exhausted my own learning from the simple, yet powerful elements of this wordless chant.

For this segment of the course, please listen to this chant at least three times in a row.

First Time: Simply Listen

Second Time: See how many different types of sound you hear

Third Time: She where the different types of sound affect your body – particularly the Dum and Tak

Fourth Time:  Choose one single element to focus upon and notice what happens to your focus

Fifth Time: Sing yourself Dum Tak – either with the music or without

Download here



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