Audio Recording from Session Two: From Dissonance to Harmony

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P.S. When I spoke about the writer from the New York Times, what I forgot to add was the upshot… the BIG  gift… even beyond that of being able to share the story with you on this call, is that sweet inner peace and satisfaction that TRUSTS there is a different way for  this message of inner trust to get out… and it will, in it’s own time, place and way. I know it. I feel so satisfied to experience that and to be able to share it with you.

Music pieces to overcome the lack of trust in your voice and express yourself clearly even when words may seem to fail you:

1) Dance of Miriam’s Drum:

This piece is composed in the rhythm of five. It gives space for what DOES NOT work! It provides a safe container to meet dissonance with safety. Dance of Miriam’s Drum

2) I Love Her:

Very slow tempo: This is a very unique arrangement to the Beatles classic “I Love Her”. I intentionally recorded this several years ago, using the focus of the text as a way to focus upon the Divine Feminine power. At this point in my career, I was just coming out with the above material on dissonance, and it was frightening to me. I was looking for a way to compassionately meet the dark night of my soul. I found it haunting and soothing.    I love her Eliana mix

3) Cry of the Wild Birth: 

Please watch this video in preparation for filling out the self coaching session for this week. When we are going through deep change and transformation, it’s almost a cliche to say that the darkest hour comes just before the dawn. This is actually a law of nature.  Using the metaphor of birth, just as the baby is about to come out of the womb, into the world, the pain of contraction is at it’s most potent.  The music and the terrain in this short but potent video are stark and dramatic. It reflects the potency of movement from ignition to fruition. In between, one must pass through desert terrain, on the way to the Promised Land.

Yet, it is the friction which allows for the release to happen, and for the birth to occur.  A little bit, one drop at a time, over time, makes a huge difference. Not running from the unknown, allows for new possibility to open up. IMG_0505[1] Look at this photo below. Two rocks were in the sea. The one on the right, was very steadily fastened into the ocean ground. The rock on the left, was precariously thrown about in between the other rocks. I picked them both up. Both were smooth. The left one, is filled with holes.

Each drop of water, over a period of time, penetrated the rock which was precariously strewn about.

We tend to think of the rock solid object as the stronger of the two.
Yet if you think about the process of change, how soft water – was able to penetrate the rock – allowing it to change over time. The other rock stays static.

It is another law of nature, that anything that stays static, dies. There is a process of stasis… the material either rots or becomes petrified like a rock.

When you trust your inner voice, that quiet reverberation is actually acting like the small drop of water which will penetrate even the hardest rock of your inner resisitance and fear.


4) Self Coaching Session

 Self Coaching Session


5) Connection Between the 2nd and 5th Chakras

Vulva – 2nd Chakra – Source of Your Feminine Power


    Vocal Chords – 5th Chakra – Expression of Your Feminine Power

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