Express Your Truth Without Apology!

Enjoy Effortless Healing & Transformation to Live Joyfully.

Watch this 2 minute video. It can change your life forever.

Imagine you could…


  • Remain deeply calm so that nothing can knock you off center.
  • Know what is intuition with certainty.
  • Trust your choices to solve any situation 24/7.
  • Emerge from your "dark night of the soul" feeling safe.
  • Successfully "bring your gifts" to the world.
  • Confidently express the voice of your nameless yearning.

When you don't trust yourself,  you don't trust others either. Things fall apart. You don't fit in.  Then you have to "act" in order to fit in... You've got that one down to an art. Work squeezes the life out of you.

Deep inside you may feel like an imposter, secretly worrying others don't like you.  Maybe you isolate, and don't want to get too close to others. It impacts your earnings. But deep inside a nameless  yearning passionately calls...share who you really are!

It's never too late for a happy childhood!


When you don't trust yourself,  you don't trust others either.  Things fall apart. You don't fit in.  Then you have to "act" in order to fit in... You've got that one down to an art. Work squeezes the life out of you.

Deep inside you may feel like an imposter, secretly worrying others don't like you.  Maybe you isolate, and don't want to get too close to others. It impacts your earnings. But deep inside a nameless  yearning passionately calls...share who you really are!

WELL OF WISDOM: Online Retreat

Featuring: Miriam's Secret

Miriam's Secret Cover



Thousands of years ago, leaders would go to the temples to receive powerful voice and rhythm which would rejuvenate and replenish their energy and attune them to the highest vibratory rate of the universe.


Miriam, sister of Moses, was a powerful prophetess, adept in the sacred use of alchemical sound. She practiced these secrets while chaperoning the Ancient Hebrews through the miraculously parted seas, anchoring their safe arrival upon the opposite shore.  Voice and rhythm were fundamental tools employed during their years in the desert journeying towards the Promised Land.




Your Oasis Leader

My name is Eliana Gilad, author, mentor, and pioneering composer of Ancient Healing & Transformational Music. Born under the Hollywood sign, my life has seen more drama than many blockbuster films.

An inner voice has guided me since childhood. I grew up an outsider, ‘different’. To ‘fit in’, I acted like others and became a “successful” marketing executive.

My life looked great outside. Inside I felt like a fraud. It was exhausting. Then I learned to trust my inner voice. It led me to France where I broadcast the Olympics for CBS to 60 million US television viewers.

Following the Olympics, my inner voice guided me to fearlessly sing on the inner city trains of Paris. That inspired me to move to Galilee, Israel in the Holy Land, reviving an ancient healing and transformational music modality – today scientifically proven to lower stress, increase focus and quality of sleep.

Sound has the power to transform. 


Having experienced this first hand,  I dedicated my life to help revive this ancient music modality so others could trust and follow their own inner guidance and express their authentic gifts in the world.

If your old ways don't work anymore, and trying to figure out your next steps is leading you nowhere but to exhaustion,  isn't it time you leave your self imposed slavery behind?  I invite you to join me on a journey towards your own promised land.

You can heal yourself.

This online Oasis and Retreat was intentionally recorded during the holiday of Passover, or Pesach, as it is called in Hebrew, to take advantage of the auspicious time and place -  intimately connected to the subject matter.  Passover is a  several thousand year old  tradition of retreating  to break free from what is keeping you stuck. It helps you transition from slavery to freedom.

If  you're feeling unsettled, something deeper may be calling  you. If you have no words to describe your experience, there is nothing wrong with you.  It's just that a different paradigm is beckoning to you. This experience has no name.  It's essence is unlike anything you've known before.  It defies description and must be experienced.  This is the essence of abundance itself!

Trust Yourself & Be Free

Live Your Truth

This online retreat offers you a nurturing “well of calm” with  sessions and recordings you can dip into any time you need to replenish, take some time out, or ward off   negativity and conflict.  These potent sessions will teach you how to access your inner wisdom by connecting to the Source of it through the conscious use of sound.

My vocal gift  transmits unique sonic frequencies which resonate with the healing vibratory rate of these ancient sites in Galilee, where the ancient healing and transformational music applications are recorded live.

This is sonic power at it's root.  There are no synthesizers used to add technological enhancements. It is 100% organic sound, with vibrations potent able to transform and heal at a deep level.

In this Oasis and Online Retreat you will learn:

  • To transform negative self talk into empowering positive self talk.
  • How to increase your intuitive powers.
  • The sacred ancient uses of voice and rhythm as a natural healer.
  • To remain connected and at ease, even when %#^& occurs.
  • How to know whether what you’re hearing inside is authentic.

These sonic secrets have been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce Your Stress
  • Increase Your Focus
  • Bestow Deep Calm Within
  • Remain Confident in Times of Change
  • Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Listen to this participant who was so moved by the retreat that she visited Israel.




Included in this Powerful System are:


  • 1

    Sonic Healing Music Tracks

    These sonic healing music tracks reveal hidden sacred purposes of the potent power centers. These personally composed healing and transformational audio tracks contain carefully transmitted vibrations.They revive the ancient wisdom and feminine power replenishing trust and revitalizing you – physically, psychologically, spiritually.

  • 2

    Guided Sound Meditation

    This guided Sonic Meditation will ignite your inner source of power, allowing you to be seen and heard for who you really are. This meditation was recorded live at a powerful earth chakra – layline location in Galilee.

  • 3

    Recorded Live Sessions and Guided Coaching to Gain the Most from Your Retreat

    In the first meditation, Sonic Access for Self-Trust, you’ll journey deep within to accelerate the realization of confidence to attract abundant good in your life — in a way most meaningful to you. Listen to Sonic Access for Health & Vitality; Success to empower your body’s natural healing ability through the ancient power of sound. Listen to Sonic Access for Success to empower your natural ability to attract success through the ancient power of sound and your natural voice.

“Give give give to everyone else…Who was there for me?”

I was burnt out, spent and making myself small.  My job is to lead the congregation, but I was not  leading. My charisma and passion fizzled. People complained.

Though publicly I’m known as a  Community Leader, inside, I  felt small, isolated and alone.  I had vision for my community, but would stop  following through on my plans at the first sign of controversy.  Inside  I  felt I didn’t fit in.

 Things Had to Change.

My daughters suggested I take voice lessons or presentation coaching, but I knew the problem lay much deeper inside.  I didn’t trust myself.  I was giving to everyone else, but who was giving to me?

Wise Leaders Are Learners

The turning point came when I acknowledged my problem and my need for support .  I needed clarity to regain trust in myself and to transform my exhaustion into a more meaningful, joy filled  life.

Working with the simple, practical, yet powerful tools of Voices of Eden got me there quickly.  The process continues today, even after completing the series:

  1. I discovered what I truly want.
  2. I trusted my voice and refused to react to the raised eyebrows. Later my biggest critic admitting he was wrong… saying my vision made a positive impact upon the congregation. That fills me with joy and confidence.
  3. I learned to stop caring what everyone else thinks, and focus on what I have to give.
  4. I am taking a sabbatical to discover what is next for me.
  5. My presence is felt more.
  6. Before my voice would constantly crack and get stuck in my throat. I’d feel embarrassed. Today, my heart sings from the lows to the highs with joy and ease. Others join me too.  What a transformation!

Corrie Zeitlin, Organizational Leader and Rabbi

Here’s What's Covered on the Retreat:

Session 3: Celebrating Your Own Voice:

  • 2 Unbeatable Approaches to Express Your Truth Without Apology
  • Vocal Exercise for Increasing Right Livelihood
  •  Conscious Singing with Flow and Wonder that releases blockages (even for shower singers)
  • Attunement Process to Open to More Abundance and Joy

Session 4: Journey Towards Your Promised Land:

  • Taking Your Next Steps with Confidence – Guided Meditation
  • Increase Joyful Fruits of Your Labor
  • Anchoring Your Well of Power
  • Womb Mapping: Who Do You Want Around Your Well?


Session 1: Opening to Self Trust:

  • Release the #1 Obvious, Not So Obvious Block to Your Intuition
  • A Simple, Yet Powerful Focusing Process to Tap Into a Nourishing Fountain of Energy, When You Hit a Wall of Exhaustion
  • Ancient Transformation Ritual to Release Old Fears & Insecurities
  • Alchemical Attunement Exercise for Rebalancing


Session 2: Creating Harmony from Dissonance:

  • 3 Ways to Overcome Fear Expressing Your Voice
  • The Feminine Way to Know When What You’re Hearing Inside is Authentic or Not
  • How to Open the Flow of Communication When Words Fail You
  • An Ancient Tool to Transform Blocks and Painful Events into Personal Power



“Sounds great. What's included?”


  • 4 Recorded Live Calls and Coaching Sessions

    You’ll want to  listen to these sessions again and again.  Download them to your favorite portable device for easy access whenever you want. You’ll find the focusing material particularly helpful, as it provides a compass  for breaking through to a new level of abundance.

  • 4 Self Coaching Retreat Sessions

    Each week, in addition to the material covered, you will receive coaching questions designed to help you access your inner well of wisdom within. These self coaching sessions are designed to help you succeed at fulfilling the objectives you expressed in your focus session.

  • Live Ancient Healing & Transformational Music Rituals

    Personally composed music at the ancient sites of Galilee to  invoke inner trust, connection to intuition and higher source of wisdom.

  • 30 Minute Guided Music Meditation

    Recorded in the  ancient water well of Sepphoris, Galilee.
    This piece is excellent to use for re-centering when you become unbalanced, regaining confidence and gaining clarity.

  • Ancient Healing and Transformational Sonic Applications with healing properties for:

    Altering mind frequencies, containment for anxiety, freedom of movement, awakening kundalini energy fields, improving quality of sleep.

  • Secure Online Facebook Group

    This learning community is all for and about YOU! You’ll have the chance to meet and share with like minded souls. Share your dreams, your concerns, partner up with a buddy to work on the course material.

A Unique Value Proposition


If you were to go to a live retreat, you’d pay between $1500 – $4000 before your transportation expenses, not to mention the time and stress of preparing to leave, then the time traveling to and from.  I LOVE retreats; they’re fabulous. They are also a huge outlay of  time, money and energy.

By time you get home, you need to de-stress from the travel. If yostressed womanu were to arrange for a private retreat with me in Israel at the ancient sites, it would end up costing you more time and a several thousands dollars more for travel and accommodations in Israel.  You can keep doing what you’ve been doing, and it will bring you back to the same stuck place that costs you your sleep, your health and your relationships, most of all with yourself.


Now you can experience the healing and transformational power of these actual sites from the comfort and ease of wherever you happen to be 24/7.

You deserve SO much good!

Will it work ?

These last 20+ years I've supported 10,000+ people to trust their inner voice and dare live by it. I jumped into the unknown before I was “forced to” figuring when others need help, I'll  be ready to help on the other side.

This path brought me to Israel (last place I expected) resulting in the revival of an ancient healing and transformational music modality that chaperones people through catalytic change.

  • 3 Scientific Research studies on the music research
  • Major articles in prestigious medical journals – with my name as author – and I am NOT a medical doctor! This alone proves how faith pays off.
  • logo6150x150 2 presentations before the United Nations
  •   An invitation to make a TEDx presentationTEDx
  • Singing on inner city trains of France and earning more money than I did in my executive position. I never ONCE ASKED for money.  It was given to me in amazing abundance.

I did not instigate any of the above. They all CAME to ME.

It's right if...



  • Your heart says “Go For It”, but it doesn’t necessarily “make sense”.  Something wordless is nudging you.
  • This feminine power is one of attraction. It is not to be underestimated.


  • When you over-think, the power goes undercover, gets extinguished.  Your lack of trust is the big killer. How much longer do you intend to continue that destructive habit?


The GOOD NEWS  is: when you choose to trust your inner inklings DESPITE, or even IN THE FACE of your fear and doubt, this creates a tremendous momentum and magnetic power that attracts favorable situations to you.


4) When you choose “Yes” to this process, I make a commitment to you. My happiness comes from successfully passing on what I have discovered over the last twenty plus years of walking this walk.  I am committed to supporting you in anchoring your own self trust.

I invite you to join me on your  journey of inner self examination and expression.

The Parting of the Seas Guarantee:

In order to make it easier for you to say YES (if your heart wants to, but you don’t know whether you can trust it fully)…I made things safe for you to move ahead. Register now, you’ll immediately gain from the pre-retreat materials.  You’ll come to the first session ready to open to your own self trust. If by some chance you don’t resonate, send me a mail before the second session – (a week later) and I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked. We’ll part friends.



Order Now & Receive Juicy Bonuses:

  • Miriam's Secret - Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Feminine Leadership

    Original – pre-launch copy of the book, which has been twenty years in the making.

    We’ll work with this material – you’ll be in the inner circle, amongst the first to work with it live.

    Value: $20

  • Alchemical Transformation Music Recorded at the Biblical Site of the Seas Parting

    You will receive a personally composed music piece that I composed at the Red Sea, site of the parting of the Seas, only for those who join this course. The piece was composed during the auspicious week of Passover.

    Value: $350

  • Feminine Leadership Founders Circle

    Join me in the launch of feminine leadership from the inside out.  A full year of monthly online gatherings to grow feminine leadership.  The meetings will be scheduled according to the lunar calendar, such has been used from ancient Israel up until modern times in the near east.

    Together we will shine. We’ll work with the Miriam’s Secret material. You’ll be the first to see and work with Book Two: Discovering Your Inner Well of Wisdom and receive discounts on future courses.  As a founding member you’ll have input to how feminine leadership grows. We’ll be growing our well of wisdom together.

    Value: $1400

  • 4 weeks: Recorded Live Coaching Sessions
  • 4 weeks: Self Coaching Retreat Sessions
  • Live Ancient Healing & Transformational Music Rituals
  • 30 Minute Guided Music Meditation
  • Ancient Healing Properties Sonic Applications
  • Secure Online Facebook Group
  • Added Bonuses:
  • Miriam's Secret: Founder's Digital Copy
  • Annual Membership: Feminine Leadership Founders Circle
  • Red Sea Alchemy Sonic Ritual
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  • Realize profound love for yourself.
  • Enjoy deeper relationships with others.
  • Do what you love and enjoy having the money flow.
  • Use music and sound for transformation and healing purposes.

When you  reconnect and reattune to the power of your inner self, your life will absolutely transform. You’ll hear your authentic voice and begin to follow your passions. You’ll be empowered in your career. Your personal life will be more joyful. Your relationships will improve. Your financial situation will get alot better.  Most importantly,  you’ll be kinder to yourself. You truly deserve it!

Bottom line, you will have clarity, trust it, and be able to ask for it and receive it.  This inner knowing and power will be reflected back to you in all areas of your life.

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