What Cover Would Sell this Book? What Do You Think?

I’m having the cover of Quiet in the Eye of the Storm ebook redesigned.  The bottom right “I designed (I cringe :-)….in 2006 so that there would be a picture to accompany the book. An “early adopter”, there were no ebook cover makers way back in the old days. Same year, a graphic artist client of mine designed the bottom left cover, which actually served as the first physical cover to the book.

The book, SO powerful, garnered endorsements by Gregg Braden and Susan Jeffers.  Books ARE judged by their covers, so it seems.
So it’s time for a facelift.  I have an open minded designer. Need to give him feedback, so that the cover will SELL the book, which covers the five elements of Voices of Eden healing and transformational music with stories of how I used them to keep calm and connected, even as war raged and bombs exploded in my Galilee village.

This is NOT a war torn story. It’s filled with hope and wonder, practical exercises and stories of true peace – between Jews and Arabs as well – even in the midst of all this. I’m REALLY proud of this work and want to share it more.

So… which cover would cause you to purchase the book? What needs to be changed to make you WANT to purchase the book?  Leave your comments below. Please keep the political correctness to a minimum. I sincerely want to respond to clients perception, otherwise, I stay in my own isolated reality. Thanks a million!!!! If you’d like to download it now, you can purchase it here.

1) First Red Colored Cover

2) Second Aqua Colored Cover

3) Bottom Left

4) Bottom Right
Quiet_in_the_Eye_of_the_Storm_02Quiet_in_the_Eye_of_the_Storm_03QES 3Dimage002

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