When Sudden Change Occurs…Change Your Focus…

While working on the edits for Chapter Five of my forthcoming book: Miriam’s Secret – Discovering Your Inner Well of Wisdom, a client sent in her attunement session sheet in preparation for her personalized ancient healing and transformational music composition. I was amazed to learn how much inner turmoil this powerful woman was experiencing. From the outside, you would never be able to tell. While going through a major time of change, she is courageously willing to ask for help while meeting the discomfort of rebirth and transformation. The synchronicity with this part of the chapter about integrity provided inspiration throughout the afternoon:

When we speak up and voice our integrity, even when it seems that old habits, our history, or others are against us, the universe hears our call. Even if it seems as if there is no one to turn to, no

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one there to listen, we understand what we are going through.

Outside, in the physical world, it may look like everything is falling apart.

The way you have operated up until now may no longer work. With the best of intentions and the greatest of wills, try as you might, nothing is working. Doing more, working harder, making more effort is all connected to the masculine “doing” side of existence.

When change is occurring, focusing energy outward is not so effective. Shifting your focus inward is.

At those times when you are at your wit’s end, you are still with yourself. It is at this time when calling to the well within you can be of particular importance. As Antoine de Saint Exupery said, “What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.” That nurturing mother principle is right inside of you, waiting for your call. It may not look like anyone is answering, though the universe is hearing your silent cry.

What do you think? What happens when you are going through change? In which direction do you turn?

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