When you trust your intuitive voice amazing things happen…

Monday was the seventh and last day of Passover. In Israel it’s celebrated as a second holiday. Imagine… New Year’s Eve celebrated the week following Christmas…they end up going hand in hand… I spent the holiday in Haifa. I checked out the city’s internet portal wondering what kind of interesting activities might be happening around the area I was staying in. I noticed an advert for an open mike beginning at 11:00 pm. 56 year old me, singing wordlessly into a frame drum in a smoky filled bar filled with twenty something beer filled bellies? I’m usually winding down for bed at that hour. My intuition guided me to sign up to sing. When you trust your intuitive voice… amazing things happen…

Someone said; “Life owes us nothing. Yet we owe life our talents when called to share them. I was being called to share mine in this strange venue. Fortunately for me, the second act didn’t show up so I got to get up on stage much earlier than my originally scheduled middle of the second set slot.

I asked the crowd: “Ever hear of the source of Trance? Would you like to hear what it sounds like? They shouted in reply: Y-E-S! I assumed “rock star” attitude so that I’d keep their attention… I raised my voice, “Are you sure?” YES… they shouted in response even louder. SURE? YES, they screamed more loudly.

Once I had their attention, I suddenly spoke in a whisper’ “Let’s have a moment of quiet so you can hear it.” This silenced about 80% of the crowd – which was a real success given the noise and alcohol abounding in that room.
My role was to be in service to the music and give voice to my intuitive inner voice – which

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told me to sing… the results were not up to me. I loved it. It didn’t matter that there were people talking. I felt glorious in service to the honor to the Prophetess Miriam, on the eve of her leading the Israelites across the Seas thousands of years ago.

The music was powerful. The feedback from the audience was positive. Those who listened really listened. When I went to sit down, my chair had been taken by a guy who refused to move. The young woman sitting next to him got up from her chair and offered it to me. It was a new experience, being treated as an elder. I accepted. There is a gift in aging and gaining wisdom. It happened again today at the Haifa city archive…

I listened for a while to the other singers – all of who sang in English, though it’s not their native tongue. One guy got up on stage and started to rap –in English. I couldn’t understand a word he sang, except for “mother fucker” (excuse my French), which he seemed to repeat every other sentence. His impact was wimpy at best. I wished he could have heard my client that same day – when crowds magnetized towards him to listen in the park where we practiced – as he allowed his voice to sound its authentic song. I smiled inside at the memory.
When I left the popular “stars” acknowledged that my singing was tremendously powerful. Several other young women thanked me and asked if I have a Youtube channel. After giving them the address of the Voices of Eden – Ancient Israel channel – I realized how important it is to support young women’s voice of leadership. Another woman who had arrived late and not heard was curious– I whipped out the drum and composed something for her, on the spot. She and the others were moved beyond words.
I reminded them to remember how powerful their voices are and invited them to trust and share them. They were receptive. “Your words made my day”, one of them said. “Follow through, and it will make your entire life!”, I replied.

Trust your voice. It makes a difference.
The seas have parted. It’s your chance to go free… your opportunity to reach your own promised land. How will you use your freedom today? How will your voice be in service to that? Please respond below.

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