Why TEDx Talks are so Exciting

It ‘s the morning before… I feel like a woman about to get married, or have a baby, or any one of those monumental occassions in life which change the way you see yourself and your world.

This is the impact of being involved in a TEDx talk.   For the  last three days, we’ve been acclimating ourselves to the high altitude, high energy.

The stress was thick that you could cut it with a knife yesterday at our dress rehearsal. After all these months of preparing, our team of seven speakers finally gathered in person.  The power of the internet is amazing.  For the last half year, we met together through Google +  Hangouts. One of the purposes was to get to know one another. Another was to practice our speeches and provide feedback to one another.  Meeting up yesterday in the flesh added a deeper dimension.

Going through the nerves of broken down powerpoint presentations, technical glitches together, brought about a deeper sense of camaraderie.

Kat Haber, who has organized this event has brought so much to the table. What an organizer goes through might make anyone else’s hair stand on end. She does it with aplomb.

TED talks and TEDx talks are exciting by nature as they bring new ideas to be shared with the world. What makes them particularly exciting though, is what goes on behind the scenes.  It’s all that work that goes into the building of the team and the experience… the parts that you don’t see, or hear,  which add that extra dimension.

What is most exciting is to create in real time with a group of inspired people.  Freely giving of yourself and your ideas to the world makes the world a better place. It doesn’t take a TEDx talk to do that… You too can share freely of yourself and your ideas… dare!

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