Wonder What it’s Like to Play Monopoly in a Bomb Shelter?

First of all, the money is in Israeli Shekels. Secondly, Park Ave., in it’s Israeli version is Dizengoff Street, the main thoroughfare in Tel Aviv.

This morning, I received a telephone call from Tatiana, a Russian woman who lives in Jerusalem. Yesterday her granddaughter was born in Toronto. They named her Eliana.

Tatiana did a search on the internet for Eliana and discovered my website:
. She immediately called me to find out more about my music, as she too is a music teacher and manager in the Department of Education for Special Needs and Training. Next week Tatiana will travel to Toronto to meet her new granddaughter. She asked if I would be able to prepare and record a personal lullaby in time for her to take it with.

“I have to check it out”, I replied. “I am running out the door. When I return, I’ll check the postal service and see if we will be able to get something to you on time”.

It was funny to receive her call, since from the beginning of the war, there has been absolutely no work. Not even a telephone call about it. Focus in the north is upon physical survival. WE are not allowed to gather in public spaces, and all businesses, including the banks are closed.

I went to the swimming pool to cool off. At exactly two p.m. we heard an intense crash. Looking up at the neighboring hill, I saw orange flames spark upon the green horizon, immediately followed by billows of smoke.

Looking at my friends children who were also at the pool, I quickly told them to gather their belongings. “I’ll take care of you. Come with me.” “We’ll go to the shelter”, they replied in unison.

“I’ve never been to a bomb shelter in my village”, I thought to myself. This will be a good opportunity for a new experience.

We quickly arrived and entered into the underground space. I didn’t have a moment to become acclimated before DOrit, the youngest asked if I would join them in a game of Monopoly. The board was already opened on the mattresses lining the floor.

(I gotta go now)… I’ll continue the rest of the story tomorrow.

Tune in again.

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