Would you judge someone else this way?

“Oh My God, if they see me this way they will NEVER accept my gifts. I’m too much. Too much energetic confrontation. Better tone myself down… or do a little more research, and shift things this way and that (name your favorite detail, the list goes on forever…); this way, it’ll be better and I will feel safe.”

Oh yeah… really?!

Does this voice of perfectionism sound familiar? Unfortunately, or fortunately, I know it all too well. As I get nearer to fully relaunching my website, preparing for the launch of Miriam’s Secret, the conscious menopause course… (menopause?!?!?!?!?!?)… sounds weird yet it feels so right, I also get closer to fully exposing myself, and this exposes my deeper vulnerability.

The transformational sands of change…blowing through the hot middle eastern August…penetrating fire, heavy, NOT comfortable.

Ever fear that your relationships are going haywire or fear that you’re pushing your loved ones away with your prickly parts?

Or else fear that even though you “have it so together on the outside” on the inside you’re too broken to do life “right” and fear that you just can’t handle what it takes to live how your heart truly desires. Grief about your vulnerability, your limitations, and all those losses along the way.

How do you deal with it all?

One thing I’ve learned is to love the heat. As I slow down, and stop, I may feel like I’m being burned alive, yet on the other hand, the ashes of my primitive fears end up giving way to the resurrection of a phoenix rising to my next level.

I’d much rather meet the burning fires of my inner turmoil in the face, than continue the barrage of perfectionist bullets which keep me “looking good” on the outside, yet feeling shattered and icky on the inside.

Beneath that fear and grief and loneliness is tenderness – a tenderness towards myself, towards you, and towards all those who share my life, for everyone – because life is hard sometimes, we are all so vulnerable, and yes, we need so much kindness to make it through.

Especially towards ourselves!

Please do something kind for yourself today. You deserve it.

What will it be? Leave a comment below.

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