Looking Back Can Move You Forward Like This…

Here we are coming close to the close of 2014.  The winter months are the perfect time for inner reflection. December is a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the year past, and to make choices for the coming year. My year has been an amazingly impactful one. For the first time in 25 years, I find myself living once again in the United States. If you would have told me in January that within six months I would be in Los Angeles,  I would have said, “That’s Crazy!”

Looking backwards can help us to move forward. If I look back a bit earlier to December of last year – I remember with fondness, the large group of visitors we hosted for Christmas and New Years in the Holy Land. For 20 years I have been member of a host and travellers association called SERVAS. SERVAS was begun just after World War II when a gentleman in Denmark thought that if people would stay in host homes in foreign countries when they travelled, this would lessen fear of “strangers” and increase brotherhood of mankind. He subsequently travelled around the globe, such that today – 70 years later, in every country there are SERVAS hosts and guests.  We, the volunteer hosts in Israel (Jew, Christian, Moslem alike), opened our doors – through SERVAS to those wishing to celebrate XMAS in the Holyland.

For the first time in twenty years, I went to the XMAS parade in Nazareth.

Afterwards we went to midnight mass at Mary’s Cathedral. It was sublime. The feminine energy of the Holy land was definitely felt:

I remember feeling so grateful to be there with our guests. I remember feeling so appreciative of all the great experiences I had over the years, being a SERVAS traveller. It made me want to travel again.

Be careful what you ask for…you may get it!

Fast forward to May…following a frame drum conference in Italy, I took three weeks off to travel to Tuscany, a dream I had ever since studying the Paleo of Sienna in my university days at UC Berkeley.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I’d actually get to visit Pisa, be treated like a Queen, and get to record an Ode to this most beautiful pieces of architecture ever built:

A week after returning to Israel, I prepared to come to Los Angeles to give an ancient healing and transformational music training at Remo Recreational Center:

I timed the event to coincide with my mother’s 84th birthday, as well as having time to spend with my ailing stepfather. I was hoping to compose music for him as dementia was bringing his body and mind to a weak state. What a blessing to contribute to the care giver as well:

What I could not have expected is that on the morning of my mother’s birthday, my stepfather passed on. I am so grateful to be here. That day changed my life. My inner voice guided me to stay in Los Angeles with my mother. “This chance will never come again. This is the chance to reap the rewards of your conscious healing of childhood wounds. It’s your chance to see how far you’ve come.”

What I’m most grateful for is that I know how to say YES to that inner voice. What is abundantly clear is how CHOICE allows the doors to open for all kinds of opportunity to come in. Only it doesn’t happen in the time or shape that we expect. The other thing I’m grateful for is PATIENCE. Patience is the gift which allows us to look back and connect the dots. It also allows us to look forward to the coming year with curious excitement.

I feel so grateful to you dear clients and readers…it is because of YOU that I have recorded all these videos to share over the last year. What a gift it is to watch them again as reminders of the good that has been and continues to grow. Thank you!

Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is not yet here. I am living in the present. This is a gift.
This was the subject of the guided meditation and music I composed with Marianne Williamson here in Los Angeles:

Where do your dots connect from this last year? To where are you headed in the new year?

What do you have to celebrate today? I’d love to know.

Happy holidays to you!

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