Your Wisdom Matters… to Many…Here’s How…

water-Fountain-LionThis afternoon I sat with with a beautiful young creative artist leader. We got to subject of sharing wisdom between the generations. The more we discussed, the more it became apparent to me that she might have some words of wisdom to share with  my generation, that of the baby boomers. So I asked her what requests she and her generation would have for us.

Here’s what she had to say.

Question: How can we most help your generation? What can we do to help you?

Answer: I think  it’s important to recognize that your generation HAS wisdom that could help us.

Question: How?

Answer: Just by sharing your experience and your personal stories of experience through the ages. What was it like for you at 25, 30 and on This would help us to know we’re not alone. Maybe we could gain more confidence and courage to know that it’s ok to be just how we are. Maybe we’d see that it’s really ok to be imperfect. 

How would our stories impact her generation most?  Where would it matter most?, I wondered…

The authentic and heated conversation that ensued truly astonished me!
Fortunately we recorded the short conversation… so you can hear the naked truth here:

Part One:

Part Two:


What words of wisdom from YOUR experience do YOU have to share. How can you help our beautiful younger generation to have the courage to be themselves, authentically and to show up as true pioneers of the spirit, as our generation so powerfully exhibited?


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